This site is part of a course on Public Theology in the Earlham School of Religion‘s Ministry of Writing Program.  Its content reflects the personal opinions of its authors and do not in any way represent the positions or beliefs of the Earlham School of Religion.   It does, however, reflect the our Ministry of Writing Program’s commitment to public engagement.

ESR is a Christian seminary in the Quaker tradition, training students in the Quaker testimonies of peace, integrity, simplicity, and equality.  With a traditional belief that everyone has “that of Christ” within them, Quakers pointed the way to spirituality before “spiritual but not religious” became a catch phrase.  But in addition to their history of deep, interior spirituality, Quakers also have a long history of engaging with justice issues of the day.  As part of a class on public theology, this site seeks to merge spirituality, faith, and social engagement — and point toward other writers doing the same.

If you’re interested, please check out the Earlham School of Religion.


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